A fresh combination of comfort and simplicity supported by a modern touch, Brandon’s simple shape is a starting point – you can choose the basic model to serve as a comfortable and elegant piece of furniture. Or you can go a step further and design your own modular sofa, or opt for the specially designed module that creates a gentle, eyecatching curve.

Suggested fabrics finishes

  • Caleido Light Grey

  • Caleido White

  • Caleido Natur

  • Caleido Light Grey

  • Drom Light Brown

  • Drom Violet

  • Drom Black

  • Drom Grey

  • Drom Turquise

  • Drom Brown

  • Drom Beige

  • Drom Creme

  • Caleido Grey

  • Caleido Grey Beige

  • Caleido L Beige

  • CALEIDO powder Pink